I'm green - sustainable, right down to the bottle!

As an environmentally minded company, when we found out that we could package our products in a plastic bottle that was green, it was a no brainer!

We’ve adopted a sustainable approach to our packing and use a biopolymer bottle. These are made from 96% sugarcane waste (instead of fossil fuels), so we are utilising a byproduct of sugar manufacture. The sugarcane is a renewable resource so our bottles leave a reduced carbon footprint, compared with those made from traditional HDPE plastic. When the sugarcane is growing it captures CO2 from the atmosphere, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Our hedgewitch biopolymer bottles are extra special because they are totally recyclable, something other biopolymer bottles aren’t! Because the biopolymer we use maintains exactly the same properties as regular HDPE plastic, you can make a difference without seeing a difference.

Every little bit helps, so go ‘I’m green’ with hedgewitch!!