natural shampoo and washes

The hedgewitch range is based on quality natural ingredients.

Horses need a mild shampoo or body wash, that is powerful enough to remove dirt and sweat without stripping away the skins own natural oils. The cleansing element of any shampoo or wash is known as a surfactant or a detergent. Hedgewitch shampoos and body washes are based round a very mild surfactant called Cocamidopropyl betaine (cocobetaine), which is derived from coconut oil and often used in baby soaps and shampoos. Unlike other surfactants, coco’betaine slightly moisturizes the skin rather than drying it out – we should know, we’ve tested them all ourselves in the bath! Give it a try…

A second natural surfactant, decyl glucoside, is used in hedgewitch shampoos to help create a stable foam and produce a soft, shiny horse! Also very mild and used in baby products, decyl glucoside is produced from corn starch and coconut.

all essential oils have some antiseptic properties….

For your ease of use, we have slightly thickened the shampoos and washes and after a huge amount of product testing, plumped for a thickening agent called acrylates copolymer. Not very natural sounding and you’re right, it isn’t but natural doesn’t always mean best and doesn’t always mean safe. We’ve done the research and decided to use the synthetic thickener because it’s human cosmetic grade with good safety characteristics, gives us the best result and allows us to create shampoos and washes which are pH balanced for your horses skin.

pH of the shampoo or wash is important because a horses sweat is very alkaline. Some of the natural cleansers we use are also alkaline, so we add citric acid (lemon juice) to make our shampoo a similar pH as your horses skin which is naturally slightly acid. So when your horse is sweaty, the hedgewitch range help restore your horses skin to it’s normal pH – important because it creates conditions less favourable for bacteria to thrive.

we’ve tested them on ourselves in the bath! Give it a try.

While hedgewitch body washes and shampoos are not the most potent way to give your horse access to essential oils, all the oils we have selected do have some useful properties when applied in water to the skin. All essential oils have some antiseptic properties, with lemongrass being the most potent and soon to be added to the hedgewitch range of washes and shampoos.

For more information on the properties of the essential oils found in hedgewitch shampoos & washes click here - essential oils